Founded in 1951, weifang foundry Machinery Company originally was one of China machinery industry eight foundry machinery enterprises, and has became professional manufacturers of flasks, mold conveyer machine designated by original Ministry of Machinery Industry. We design and manufacture our molding equipment with the most advanced technology and best raw material, in order to make them can service for you for a long time.

2018-Cast India Expo – Exhibition for Indian Casting Manufacturers

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Weifang foundry Machinery Company had attended India casting exhibition sucessfully

Weifang foundry Machinery Company had attended India casting exhibition sucessfully.

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Range of exhibition

1, die-casting equipment.

2, sand treatment equipment; sand equipment; modeling core equipment; shot blasting and strengthening equipment; metal casting equipment; melting burning injection equipment; melting equipment; conveying equipment; testing equipment; aging equipment; paint equipment; Core drying equipment; special casting equipment; casting furnace and accessories; burners and iron mouth; nondestructive testing; refractories; casting materials; casting resins, casting repair materials and equipment and other ancillary products; control equipment; test equipment Temperature meter, etc.).

3, foundry equipment; hydraulic machine; automatic molding equipment; general molding equipment; forging hammer; Cutting machine; bending machine correction; Uncoiler rolls open leveling equipment; riveting machine; Other forging equipment and accessories; Forging industrial furnaces and energy-saving technologies; Forging automation and control equipment.

4, casting, forging products: high-quality castings for various purposes (automotive, motorcycle castings, casting valves, gray castings, ductile castings, malleable castings, steel castings, alloy castings, precision castings, die-castings, rolls, cast iron Pipe, ingot mold, art castings, wear-resistant castings, colored and special castings), gray iron, ductile iron and so on.

We bring a set of finished machined molding box for automatic molding line to the exhibition which makes a good feedback.

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微信图片_2018011608392645_副本.jpg-----Goodbye 2018 IFEX, look forward to seeing you in 2019.

Weifang Foundry Machinery is established in 1951 and has in the field of molding box, pallets, pattern bolster for automatic molding line, semi-automatic molding line, floor molding for many years. We have a good reputation among our domestic market and foreign market.

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