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Sand Box Design

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Sand Box Design Options:

1) To meet the casting process requirements. Such as the sand box and the pattern should be sufficient between the amounts of sand, flask bar does not prevent the placement of the riser and hinder the casting shrink.


2) Molding box size and structure should be consistent with the molding machine.

Flask bar of the box should change with the shape to ups and downs. In order to reduce the quality and increase the adhesion to the sand, the high box part opens the window.


Sand box positioning:

1) Methods for the cope and drag flask.

There are mud number, wedge tendon, box stack, box cone, stop and positioning pin and other methods.


2) Locating pins

The molding machine is positioned with only the locating pin. There are two kinds of latches and pins: the dowel is used for the production of the low sand box, the seat is used for mass production of various kinds of sandbox.


Molding boxes are arranged in the sand box at ends. One end of the hole is with the positioning sleeve (or pin); one end of the hole is into the guide sleeve (or pin). When molding box close, the box of the round hole is corresponding to the round pin, the other end is corresponding side of the pin. Hand molding and Sand Casting Sandboxes do not have to be loaded and drilled directly in the box ear.

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