Founded in 1951, weifang foundry Machinery Company originally was one of China machinery industry eight foundry machinery enterprises, and has became professional manufacturers of flasks, mold conveyer machine designated by original Ministry of Machinery Industry. We design and manufacture our molding equipment with the most advanced technology and best raw material, in order to make them can service for you for a long time.
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Flat Conveyor

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Flat conveyer is mainly used in straight conveying of the ready goods. It has the features of less area occupation,stable and reliable running,easily control of the speed.The process such as trimming and installation can be finished during the movement.So it is widely used in light industry,powering plant and assembly line of automobiles.

Model      Width of flat   (mm)    Pitch of chain (mm)   Load max (Kg/m)   Run Speed (m/min)   Motor(Kw)
PL65、BP65 650 230 80 0.8-6或无级调速 2.2-7.5
PL80、BP80 800 230 120
PL100、BP100 1000 230 200
PL120、BP120 1200 230 250

Flat Conveyor


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