Founded in 1951, weifang foundry Machinery Company originally was one of China machinery industry eight foundry machinery enterprises, and has became professional manufacturers of flasks, mold conveyer machine designated by original Ministry of Machinery Industry. We design and manufacture our molding equipment with the most advanced technology and best raw material, in order to make them can service for you for a long time.
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In order to meet the customer's demand for a range of manufacturing molds, we offer a wide range of products, such as molding box machines, green sand molding line, sand casting mold box, conveyor and so on. We adhere to the principle of high quality and high efficiency to manufacture molding line and its assembly, try our best to improve the production capacity and efficiency of our customers. If you are worrying about cannot find a manufacturer which can provide secure and high quality molding box machines, we will solve problems for you. As a professional China molding line and molding box manufacturers, we provide customers the best service and products, our molding box have sell in many places and have a good reputation, so just to choose you need.

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Apron Conveyor

The apron conveyor consist of endless chains with attached overlapping and interlocking plates to provide a continuous-carrying surface that forms a leak proof bed suitable for bulk materials without containers. After many tests, we ensured the operation of China plate conveyor is reliable and problem-free. We also use high quality construction materials to manufacture the apron pan conveyor, in order to ensure a long service life and guarantee significant economic benefits. The surface of apron conveyor is resistant to rust or corrosion, it can help you transport products for a long time. Conveyors are especially useful as feeders to elevating systems, for picking heavy products, and for long horizontal or inclined conveyors. We guarantee the quality of our apron plate conveyor; also provide you good after-sell service. Don't hesitate to like our flat bottom drag conveyor, just to buy it.

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Weifang foundry machinery co., Ltd. founded in 1951, is one of the largest joint-stock companies and best China foundry machinery manufacturers and suppliers, specializing in foundry machinery research,supply foundry moulding machinery,foundry equipment, China metal casting foundry, molding flask and boxes,etc.




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