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Method for cleaning molding box

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       Mold cleaning is a critical process in mold maintenance, if you can clean your molding boxes regularly and efficiently, the molding box will bring you efficient and high-quality production. If your sand casting boxes have a lot of dirt, it will provide you high rate of defective products, lower production capacity and delayed shipment. So you can’t ignore the cleaning of molding box.

      This paper explains some cleaning ways of molding boxes, you can use for reference to clean your molding box and other molding products:

1.Manual cleaning work

This way of cleaning molding box will spend your large labour force, and it only can clean the simple dirt on molding sand for casting, the dead corners, blind holes, pores, drying lines can not be cleaned. It also easy to damage the die surface.

2.Laser cleaning

The operation is simple, but in cleaning, you must scan the movement of the Casting molding box and the labor intensity of the staff is also large. Die face card and blind corner of metal molding box is not easy to clean.

3.Dry ice cleaning

This cleaning way is suitable for molding boxes which have large flat surfaces. The shortage is dry ice belongs to consumables, is volatile, storage is more troublesome. However, it can clean sand molds metal casting more clean.

4. Ultrasonic cleaning

This way needs less manpower and it is easy to operate. But it only can remove the oil or rust on molding boxes.

5. Cathodic cleaning

It can clean the stains of casting flasks thoroughly, and won’t damage the mold itself. Relatively speaking, this is one of the best cleaning methods of molding boxes and other mould products.

      Too much dirt on the surface of the moulding boxes can cause many negative effects, it will waste of time, labor, raw materials, electricity indirectly, and leads to high injection cost, thin profit, and lower competitive power of enterprise. So in order to complete the production for a long time and efficiently, you should attach proper importance to the cleaning of the molds.

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