Founded in 1951, weifang foundry Machinery Company originally was one of China machinery industry eight foundry machinery enterprises, and has became professional manufacturers of flasks, mold conveyer machine designated by original Ministry of Machinery Industry. We design and manufacture our molding equipment with the most advanced technology and best raw material, in order to make them can service for you for a long time.

Quality test abut cope and drag flask

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Cope and drag flask is the important tooling in the production line. The accuracy of the flasks used for the automatic molding line plays a very important role in the operation of the moulding line. Therefore, the moulding box manufactures especially pay more attention to the quality.


Weifang foundry machinery company is found in 1951.

Our main products: high pressure automatic moulding line, semi-automated moulding line, mechanized moulding line, pallet bogies, pattern bolster and sand box in foundry, series of BLT, JYB casting conveyor and various BP, PL non-standard plate conveyors. We did successfully provide many foundries with complete solutions as turnkey projects. 

Here briefly introduce about technical documents about set flask

Cope flask and drag flask clean and free from cavities, annealed and provided with complete mechanical treatment and completed with the items mentioned on the drawings and parts lists, among others clamping levers each made of GGG60. Including pattern manufacture.

② Specifications for unfinished flask castings (technical and metallurgical)

Model patterns

At an appropriate place the patterns shall be provided with the drawing number serving as pattern number.

The cope and drag castings have to be numbered separately and continuously.

③ Dimension test: the test of the cope and drag flask is necessary. And the tools include CMM, calipers, millimeters, gauze, angle instrument and so on.

④ Material test: For sand box we also do the material test, including the material components, mechanical property, and metallurgical structure.

⑤ Heat treatment test: annealing certificates will showing the cope and drag casting annealing time, temperature and cooling curves.

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