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The Mechanized Flask for the Automatic Molding Line

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Molding flask is the important equipment during the molding process. The accuracy of the normal operation for the molding line plays a very important role. Therefore, the flask should have a high mechanical strength and a certain degree of geometric accuracy, especially for the sand box itself as the operating distance of the automatic molding line used flask which should have a higher geometric accuracy. Weifang foundry machinery company has produced mechanized molding box for many years. In the production process, we use a set of general equipment, together with a certain tooling for sand box processing, so that the geometry of molding box can meet the mechanized molding of the production line on the sand box requirements.


Section One: Clear the structural characteristics of the sand box and the use of performance.


Flask is composed by the cope and drag and take the upper and lower sand box as the main component. The upper box is equipped with two positioning pins to match with the lower box, four sides with a column, which is used as a limited operating pitch; also some box is without a column limited by the box side. The box is made of ductile iron, grey iron or sometimes welded steel. In order to prevent deformation, molding box is needed aging treatment.

In order to meet the requirements of use, sand box must be interchangeable, taking semi-automatic pneumatic modeling line as an example to analysis of its structure and process characteristics. Lower box six faces with holes, its accuracy is H8 ~ H9. The six sides of the sand box, the relative plane parallel to each other, the adjacent plane perpendicular to each other, are not to be ignored. Therefore, in the machining the mechanized tolerance must be limited, and the machining technology should be focused to get a reasonable arrangement.


Section Two: The arrangement of the mechanized flask.


1) The molding box casting after aging treatment and cleaning will be machined by vertical lathe thick with two steps. First is rough machining. Second is finishing machining. Find the base level when do the finish machining and the clamp force should small to prevent the deformation. The height H is a free tolerance, but it is a benchmark for determining the two empty positions, and the tolerances should be controlled within a reasonable range. After finishing the first piece, the finished mechanized flask should do parallelism in the platform test, parallelism deviation control within 70% of the tolerance.

2) Taken the center of the cavity and A side as the base, molding box casting will be rough machined four sides with double-sided milling machine and adjust the verticality of the milling cutter and the symmetry of the two cutter heads to the workpiece centerline.



In the processing of machining the molding box spare parts, there are two kinds of long hole pin sets needed to broach processing.


Section Three: The inspection of the machined flask.


In the machining process of sand box, in addition to test the size for each process, the final must be sampled to do a comprehensive test. Comprehensive inspection is carried out on a dedicated test bench. The test bench has enough rigidity for flask bottom and double pin positioning. Check the position of each hole with a composite plug gauge; measure the symmetry of the four sides with a fixed symmetrical measurement block on the center plane; make a simulation test to determine the product quality.


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