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Molding line with the use of Cope and Drag Flask-----Weifang Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Specification As drawing required Quantity As required
Packing wooden Application green sand or resin sand

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  1. Casting defects that affect the quality of the machining process and use are not allowed for molding box used in the molding line, such as porosity, trachoma, cracks, shrinkage, lack of meat. Casting flaws on the side walls of the casting flask for high pressure and air-impact molding do not allow for welding. Ordinary casting molding box is allowed to be welded according to the situation. But after the welding repair, generally it should be do heat treatment (annealing).

    cope and drag flask

  2. Casting box handle, hanging shaft (pendent axis) and rings should be carefully checked, whether the molding box cast is solid. Casting shaft does not allowed casting defects, nor allowed to repair welding.

    Deformation allowed in the high-pressure molding box side wall: during the high pressure molding, Weifang foundry machinery molding box, molding box sidewall will stand a lot of lateral pressure, side pressure caused by the side wall of the flask deformation, especially when there is flasks bar, the deformation will be more serious. Therefore, the molding line with flask must have sufficient strength and rigidity, should not have plastic deformation in use. The amount of elastic deformation should also be limited. This is because, as the pressure load is removed, the box walls in the elastically deformed state also rebound inwardly as the external force is removed.


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