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What is the molding box?

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What is the molding box? What is the role of molding box? Who is the best molding box manufacturer in China? 

The molding box is the key equipment during the casting production. According to the different use, it is divided into negative pressure sand box and simple single-layer sand box and pumping side and so on. The molding box compartment can make the casting in the sand box to achieve a vacuum when reasonable negative pressure field so that it can make a full casting box outstanding to prevent shortcomings. For some simple shape, it can choose simple sand box for the negative pressure field of casting when the demand is not high casting. Molding box and molding machine support the use of its size according to your size of the mold tailored. 


Usually the frames used in making sand during the casting process are made of metal to surround the sand and make the tamping of the mold to maintain a certain shape. Generally they are divided into the cope flask (also known as upper box) and the drag flask (also known as lower box). The sand molds are usually made in upper and lower box, sometimes in three or more boxes.


Molding box Product Description: 

1, this product is used with the molding machine, the size of its specifications is customized according to your mold pattern size. 

2, This product is divided into two parts: the top box and the lower box, the regular products: the height of top and lower box is the 100mm. 

3, according to user needs, the molding box can be made in customization, for example according to the production, the size of the frame height can be higher or lower at the same time.

4, the product rail guide is full processing, with a good positioning guide column, pin sets and bushes after the completion of customization and your mold can be used on the line.

Molding box technical description

1: Material: China material Grey iron (GG25) or ductile iron (GGG50).

2:Hardness Range: 170HB---210HB.

3: Tensile strength: <500Mpa

4: Spectrometer Inspection Certificate

5: Metallographic Examination Certificate

6: Heat Treatment curve certificate (Inner stress relief)

7: Dimension Test.

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